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 "John is a very good communicator, is very accurate and extremely thorough in everything he does."

— Manufacturer Comment

"Ask him [John] to do something and it gets done."

— Attorney Comment

We first started working in Asia in the spring of 1987. The mission at that time was to locate fastener companies in both Taiwan and Japan for a very large American distributor. The products had to meet the requirements at that time of the Fastener Quality Act. Trips to these countries lasted up to six weeks and eventually over time more than one hundred fastener plants were visited and assessed.

While we identified several Japanese plants that could make excellent products, the yen-to-dollar exchange made almost all of those companies noncompetitive. In Taiwan there was great enthusiasm to make sales, but we found no companies that could consistently meet standard product specifications. Therefore, we selected plants where the management had the best attitude to improve and those plants were developed by us to be technically competent. This entailed many days and nights of training, tool design, and equipment selection until the plants could conform to the specifications. Those plants were rewarded with new business.


China as a fastener supplier is now is in a similar position as Taiwan was in the late 80s and early 90s. Through one of our American clients we were introduced in 2001 to a man from China. We established a mutual interest and he is now the General Manager of our office in Shanghai with a staff of ten. Business in China is a whole lot different from Japan or Taiwan. They believe in first having a relationship with a prospective buyer as opposed to just quoting. Therefore, we're facilitating introductions to fastener companies for the types of products our clients want. If you'd like to buy from that company or companies, we'll get the parts to your door. We're also working on making improvements to some of the fastener companies to make sure the quality is just right.


Please read about how things are done in China with the article we wrote, "Doing Business in China," as appeared in Fastener Technology International magazine. Adobe Reader required.

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