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Case Studies —
Fastener Failure Workshop

John GreyIn the spring of 1997 John Grey met with John Jones, then publisher of Fastener Technology International magazine, one of the leading trade publications of the fastener industry. They had complementary goals in mind.

John Grey wanted to share some of his fastener failure experiences as an educational benefit to the readers and John Jones was seeking fresh material and wanted to do something different from other magazines. Thus began an agreement and twenty-six consecutive issues of the Fastener Failure Workshop.

Each column, a Case Study, reflects a real situation that actually happened. Nothing has been fabricated. The studies take you through the important thought processes needed to determine why the failures occurred and then what to do to fix them. You may be able to figure out some of the prominent companies that were involved, but for legal reasons those will stay confidential.

Enjoy the reading and learning opportunities.

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